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Should I Get A Massage

Taking Care Of Yourself Care of your body should be at the top of your priority list. You will feel and look better if you take the necessary steps regarding health and nutrition in this age of increased longevity. Stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. Massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies could play an important role in your life.

Massage For Pain And Emotional Problems!

With many chronic ailments, massage can relieve the pain and help heal. As with physical problems, emotional problems may also be stimulated into self-healing with massage. In many cases, this helps eliminate the need to take harmful chemical drugs, which will unnecessarily burden the liver, kidneys, and other vital organs.

Types Of Massage, Bodywork, And Somatic Therapies

There are a variety of bodywork techniques. Following are brief descriptions of just a few.

Swedish Massage—The most common form of massage, Swedish mainly relaxes the muscles and eases aches and pains.

Sports Massage—For the athlete, sports massage techniques are utilized at all stages: pre-event, post-event, during training, and to expedite rehabilitation after injury.

Shiatsu—Japanese acupressure massage that restores energy to the body.

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