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We invite, and encourage you to come visit our beautiful Spa!

A wide range of services are available for both men and women, to enhace and improve your skin.

Little Wishes Spa is located in El Sobrante.  We just moved to this location, and you can also find a Handicap Space right out front. Our Spa is relaxing, inviting, professional & cozy

Little Wishes Spa specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy. Which means that we can help those individuals that may suffer from chronic problems.

Chronic pain such as lower back, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and many other neuromuscular problems that can keep you from daily routine activities. We can help without surgery, or down time. Call us and ask how we can help.

Also, our Spa perform Skin Care Services, that can bring back health to your complexion. If you suffer from Acne, have scars, or other skin issues we can help!

Call us, and ask for a free  have nothing to lose other than pain and facial imperfections. 

Little Wishes Spa in El Sobrante
A professional Day Spa
Our Spa is Spacious and Cozy.
Our Spa is Inviting
4980 Appian Way Suite 102
Skin Care Services
Our Spa is in El Sobrante
Our Spa is in Suite 102

Our Spa:

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