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All of our Body Treatments are design to relax, treat and heal your skin. Rejuvenating your whole body, restoring, firming and toning with all special ingredients. Little Wishes Spa Treatments will exfoliate, cleanse your skin while hydrating, revitalizing and leaving  it smooth.  ​​​

Our 4 Layer Facial treatment works wonders. Not only cleans, exfoliates, and treat your skin with a healthy dose of vitamins, and enzymes. Leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and infused with antioxidants. But also helping your skin to regenerate naturally.

  4 Layer Facial Services

4 LAYER  FACIAL    $95

Our Classic Facial  treatment is by no means short on class. Our popular facial will also clean, exfoliate, hydrate, and enrich your skin.  You will see and  feel the difference with this treatment.

Classic Facial Services


Little Wishes Spa recognize that time is the essence as a professional. This is why we offer the express facial, and can be done at your lunch time or whatever time you have and still have the full advantage as a regular facial. Just try it!

Express Facial Services


Hot Stone Facial is a relaxing soothing facial. Stimulating the nervous system as well as increasing blood flow.  Feel the gentle massage alleviate, and soothe stress. Revitalize, renovate your skin in the process.

Hot Stone Massage Services


Having dry skin complexion can bring wrinkles, and bring rapid age effect on your face. So hydrating is very important, this is where Little Wishes Spa shines. Our Hydrating treatments brings results you can see and feel. Call us for a free consultation.

Hydrating Facial Services


Paraffin is a special wax,  another therapeutic treatment to open up the pores, clean, and hydrate your skin  without the use harsh chemicals. Paraffin facial  can improve circulation,stimulate and tone all facial muscles.

Paraaffin Facial Services


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